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Download Computer Aided Design (CAD) & Computer Graphics Lecture Notes PDF

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Download Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Graphics class lecture notes. The Lecture notes of Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Graphics are available in PDF format and written in very simple language. The CAD Noted covered mostly topics of engineering syllabus of university. Ads by Google CAD Lecture Notes Students can download the Computer • Read More »

B.Tech Engineering Mechanics Handwritten Notes for Mechanical Engg. & GATE Exam (PDF)

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Download B.Tech Engineering Mechanics Handwritten Class Notes for Mechanical Engineering and GATE/IES/PSU examination in PDF format. These lecture class handwritten notes covered most of the topics of Engineering Mechanics subject with solved numerical problems. Ads by Google Download All Subject Handwritten Notes Engineering Mechanics Engineering Mechanics is the science which deals the conditions of rest • Read More »

B.Tech Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Class Notes for Mechanical Engg.

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Download free B.Tech Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Subject Class Notes for Mechanical Engineering Student in PDF format. Ads by Google Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) is an extension of CAD/CAM. It integrated CAD/CAM system with business function of an organization. CIM is concerned with providing computer assistance control and high level integrated automation at all levels • Read More »

B.Tech Heat Transfer Notes -Mechanical Engineering Handwritten Notes

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Download B.Tech Mechanical Engineering Handwritten notes of Heat Transfer Unit-1 6th semester. Heat Transfer Unit-1 Handwritten notes is covering Introduction of Heat Transfer Steady State Heat Transfer, Reversible and Irreversible processes, Isotropic and An isotropic Material, Mode Of Heat Transfer, Fourier law of Heat Conduction, Newton`s Law Of cooling,Stefan-Boltzmann Law, Steady State Conduction with Heat • Read More »

B.Tech Mechanical Engineering Notes Free Download – ME Notes Download

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Download Free Notes of B.Tech Mechanical Engineering, ME Subjects Notes Free Handwritten B.Tech ME Notes Download Reciprocating Pump.Pdf Fixed Order Quantity System.Pdf Velocity Potential Function.Pdf Equipotential Line.Pdf Intro Of Surface.Pdf Volumetric Compressor.Pdf Pascal’s Laws.Pdf Effect Of Superheating, Maximum Pressure And Exhaust Pressure.Pdf Venturimeter.Pdf Absolute Motion Or Vibration Devices.Pdf Alveolar Sound.Pdf Effect Of Tubing.Pdf Formulas For • Read More »