NC/CNC Part Programming Handwritten Notes

May 10, 2020 | Category: Notes

Handwritten Lecture Notes of NC /CNC Part Programming for engineering students in PDF format. The NC/ CNC Part Programing class lecture handwritten notes covered Manual Part Programming, Computer-assisted Part Programming, Part programmers job and other topics of programming.

NC/CNC Part Programming Handwritten Notes Contents

Contents of NC/CNC Part Programming Lecture Notes are

  • NC Part Programming
  • Punched Tape in NC
  • NC Words
  • Manual Part Programming
  • Computer-Assisted Part Programming
  • The Part Programmer`s Job
  • NC Part Programming Language
  • Automatically Programmed Tools (APT)
  • Geometry Statements
  • Motion Statements
  • Contouring Motions
  • Postprocessor Statement
  • Auxillliary Statement
  • NC Programming with Interactive Graphics
  • MDI
  • Computer Controls in NC
  • Problem with Conventional NC
  • NC Controller Technology
  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC)
  • Direct Numerical Control (DNC)
  • Adaptire Control

Download NC Part Programming PDF Notes

Download free handwritten lecture notes of NC/CNC Part Programming Notes in PDF format form below link

Download NC Part Programming PDF Notes

Download Computer Control in NC & CNC Notes

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