INNOVA Fest 2k17 (Techno Management) Delhi Technological University, Delhi, 2017

February 4, 2017 | Category: Technical Fest

Innova Fest 2k17 Delhi Technological University, Delhi 10-12th February 2017.
Innova is annual techno-management fest of Delhi Technological University.When we talk about the Technical Fests,Innova certainly marks one of the top spots. Innova has carved a space for itself as being uniquely popular the wide range of learning and entertainment provided over 25 events. Now Innova Comes to bring with forth technology through an amalgamation of competitive events, exhibitions and workshops to showcase and learn the science behind the advanced technology and also have guest lectures by eminences.Innova fest workshops on subjects such as cyber forensics and Web Design and competitive events such as Torpedo, Crush de Robo, CAD Craft, Junk-e-ard and Boomerang.Innova is not just ranging the technical events also cover debates to online stock markets, soft skill in the promotion of innovation.



INNOVA Fest 2k17 Events List

Mechanical Events
1. Air Glider
2. Boomerrang
3. Contraption
4. Clay Play
5. Cad Craft
6. Quiznova
7. Junk Yard

Civil Events
1. Structure-D
2. Sydney Coat Hanger
3. Matrix Reinforcement
4. Pantheon Cube
5. Smart Pitch

Electrical Events
1. Robomaze
2. Electrified
3. Robowae
4. Robochase

Non Tech Events
1. Consulting Knights
2. Battle of Brands
3. Bid Masters
4. Bitzkriec

INNOVA Fest 2k17 Pro Shows:

DJ Night will be held in the evening of 12 Feb. 2017 DTU Campus

Fest Guests:
INNOVA Fest 2k17 guests are Rakshit Tandon, Varun Pruthi, Sarvesh Agrawal etc.

Registration Date and Fees:
Both online and Offline registration is available and you can also register on the spot.All the events registration is free.
Date of Events: 10-12th February 2017.
Address: Delhi Technological University, Shahbad Daulatpur, Main Bawana Road,Delhi-110042.

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