B.Tech Multimedia Communications Handwritten Class Notes

March 1, 2017 | Category: Notes

Download Engineering Handwritten Class Lecture Notes of Multimedia Communication Subject.The topics covered in Multimedia Communication Notes are Introduction to multimedia communication, Multimedia Networks, Telephone Networks, Data Networks, Broadcast Television Networks, Broadband Multi service Networks, Multimedia Applications, Interpersonal Communications, Entertainment Applications, and Unit-2 covered the topics are Text and Image Compression, Compression principles, Source Encoders and Destination Decoders, Entropy Encoding, Statistical encoding, Source Encoding, Differential Encoding, Transform Encoding, Text Compression, Static Huffman Coding, Dynamic Huffman Coding, Arithmetic Coding, Lempel-Ziv coding, Lempel-Ziv-Welsh Coding, Image Compression, Digitized Documents, Digitized Pictures, JPEG, JPEG Decoding, In unit-3 Audio Compression, Differential Pulse code Modulation (DPCM) MPEG audio Coders, Dolby Audio Coders, Video Compression, Frame Types, Motion Pictures Expert Group (MPEG).

B.Tech Multimedia Communication Handwritten Notes

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