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Engineering Mathematics – I Tutorials and Problems with Solutions

March 13, 2017 | 1 Comment | Category: Notes.

Download B.Tech Engineering Mathematics of UPTU/AKTU Tutorials/Assignments Questions with their solutions form each unit of engineering mathematics-I. There are five units in UPTU/AKTU Engineering Mathematics-I Unit-1 is Differential Calculus-I, Unit-2 Differential Calculus-II, Unit-3 Matrix Algebra, Unit-4 Multiple Integrals and Unit-5 Vector Calculus.These assignments questions are works as notes of engineering mathematics and questions of engineering • Read More »

B.Tech Network Theory Lecture Notes (EE,ECE)

March 7, 2017 | No Comments | Category: Notes.

Download Engineering Handwritten Class Lecture Notes of Network Theory for B.Tech MDU Electrical Engineering 3rd Semester Students and Network Theory also common Subject in Electronics & Communication Engineering third Semester MDU. Network Theory subject is not only in B.Tech MDU Syllabus but also in B.Tech Syllabus of UPTU/AKTU & KU. Network Theory Notes covered mostly • Read More »

B.Tech Fundamentals of Management Handwritten Class Notes

March 3, 2017 | No Comments | Category: Notes.

Download B.Tech Fundamentals of Management Class Lecture Notes. FOM is common subject to all branches (CSE, ECE, BME, EE, EEE, IT, CE, ME, E&I) in MUD. Fom Subject also in others University (PTU,UPTU/AKTU, KU) in 3rd or 4th semester so all branch students should download FOM handwritten class notes. These Fundamentals of Management Class Lecture • Read More »

B.Tech Multimedia Communications Handwritten Class Notes

March 1, 2017 | No Comments | Category: Notes.

Download Engineering Handwritten Class Lecture Notes of Multimedia Communication Subject.The topics covered in Multimedia Communication Notes are Introduction to multimedia communication, Multimedia Networks, Telephone Networks, Data Networks, Broadcast Television Networks, Broadband Multi service Networks, Multimedia Applications, Interpersonal Communications, Entertainment Applications, and Unit-2 covered the topics are Text and Image Compression, Compression principles, Source Encoders and • Read More »

Nuclear Physics Notes

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Download B.Tech first Year Notes of Nuclear Physics contents, properties of Nucleus, Nuclear particles, Nuclear Mass, Nuclear Size and Density, Nuclear Charge, Spin & Magnetic Moment, Nuclear Models, Gammow Model,Liquid Drop Model, Shell Model, Particle Accelerators, Linear Accelerator(Lineac), Cyclotron, Synchrocyclotron, Nuclear Cross Section, Geiger Muller, Mass Spectrograph,Aston`s Mass spectrograph topics Ads by Google Nuclear Physics • Read More »

B.Tech ECE GSM & CDMA, Wireless Communication Notes.

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Download B.Tech Electronics & Communication Engineering Handwritten Notes Wireless Communication unit-IV Global System for Mobile(GSM)and CDMA. Ads by Google Handwritten Notes Wireless Communication unit-4 GSM and CDMA Download B.Tech Unit-4 A GSM Notes Download B.Tech ECE CDMA Unit-4-B Notes