B.Tech First Year Notes

Engineering Mathematics – I Tutorials and Problems with Solutions

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Download B.Tech Engineering Mathematics of UPTU/AKTU Tutorials/Assignments Questions with their solutions form each unit of engineering mathematics-I. There are five units in UPTU/AKTU Engineering Mathematics-I Unit-1 is Differential Calculus-I, Unit-2 Differential Calculus-II, Unit-3 Matrix Algebra, Unit-4 Multiple Integrals and Unit-5 Vector Calculus.These assignments questions are works as notes of engineering mathematics and questions of engineering • Read More »

Nuclear Physics Notes

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Download B.Tech first Year Notes of Nuclear Physics contents, properties of Nucleus, Nuclear particles, Nuclear Mass, Nuclear Size and Density, Nuclear Charge, Spin & Magnetic Moment, Nuclear Models, Gammow Model,Liquid Drop Model, Shell Model, Particle Accelerators, Linear Accelerator(Lineac), Cyclotron, Synchrocyclotron, Nuclear Cross Section, Geiger Muller, Mass Spectrograph,Aston`s Mass spectrograph topics Ads by Google Nuclear Physics • Read More »

B.Tech First Year Notes Free Download – 1st, 2nd Semester Notes Download

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Download Free Notes of B.Tech Engineering First Year, 1st and 2nd Semester Subjects Notes Free Handwritten B.Tech Notes Download Syllable.Pdf Continuity Equations In Polon Co-Ordinates.Pdf Cell Decomposition.Pdf Laterals.Pdf Monophthongs.Pdf Principles Of Working Of Turbine.Pdf Equivalent Evapouration.Pdf Modulation, Types,Needs.Pdf Bernaulli Eqation.Pdf Peak Inverse Voltage.Pdf Graphical Method Of Solving Lpp.Pdf Relevant Costs.Pdf Degeneracy In Lpp.Pdf Fricatives.Pdf Vowels.Pdf • Read More »