Impulse and reaction turbine

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Difference between Impulse and Reaction Turbine:

  1. In impulse turbine, there are nozzle and moving blades are in series while there are fixed blades and moving blades are present in Reaction turbine (No nozzle is present in reaction turbine).

  2. In impulse turbine pressure falls in nozzle while in reaction turbine in fixed blade boiler pressure falls.

  3. In impulse turbine velocity (or kinetic energy) of steam increases in nozzle while this work is to be done by fixed blades in the reaction turbine.

  4. Compounding is to be done for impulse turbines to increase their efficiency while no compounding is necessary in reaction turbine.

  5. In impulse turbine pressure drop per stage is more than reaction turbine.

  6. The number of stages is required less in impulse turbine while required more in reaction turbine.

  7. Not much power can be developed in impulse turbine than reaction turbine.

  8. Efficiency of impulse turbine is lower than reaction turbine.

  9. Impulse turbine requires less space than reaction turbine.

  10. Blade manufacturing of impulse turbine is not difficult as in reaction turbine it is difficult.


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