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September 13, 2018 | Category: Notes

Download fee Financial Statement handwritten class note in PDF format.These class handwritten notes covered most of topics of Financial Statement.

Financial Statement

Financial Statements are the statements that are prepared at the end of the accounting period which is generally one year. These include income statement i.e Trading and profit & Loss Account and Position statement i.e Balance Sheet.

Financial Statements are prepared to ascertain the profit earned or losses incurred by a business concern during a specified period and also to ascertain its financial position at the end of that specified period.

Financial Statement are generally of two types
1) Income statement which comprises of Trading Accounting and Profits & Loss Account
2) Position Statement i.e Balance Sheet

Objective of Financial Statements

There are following objective of financial statement

1) Ascertaining the Result of Business Operations
2) Ascertaining the Financial Position
3) Source of Information
4) Helps in Managerial Decision Making
5) An Index of Solvency of the Concern

Class Handwritten Notes of Financial Statement

Free download handwritten class notes of Financial Statement in PDF formats from below link

Download Financial Statement Notes

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